Japanese Society for the Study of Human Welfare and Culture
Conference Introduction

Japanese Society for the Study of Human Welfare and Culture
Conference Introduction
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  1. Introduction  Essentially, welfare is “an effort in daily life to seek happiness as a human being” and should support the process of people living their lives to the fullest as human beings, regardless of disability, age, or gender. The Japan Welfare and Culture Association was established in 1989 with the aim of understanding how welfare should be and if it is possible to nurture culture and create a culture with even deeper flavor as the fruit of positive efforts in welfare. The Japan Society of Welfare Culture was established in 1989 with the aim of fostering culture and creating a deeper culture as the fruit of active efforts in welfare.
     Currently, various cultural activities are being actively pursued in various parts of Japan and in the field of welfare, adding color to people’s lives. Efforts to incorporate the results of cultural activities into the field of welfare are beginning to take root here and there, enriching the surrounding community as well.
     In the course of its history, the society has sought to “culturalize welfare,” “culturalize welfare,” and “culturalize the community,” while deepening its research and practical activities to “seek an era in which the individual is valued,” “share experiences that touch more practical human matters,” “guarantee the quality of cultural life,” and “human rights culture. We have been deepening our research and practical activities in these areas.
     We invite you to join us in our activities to learn from each of these practices, theorize them, and return them to the field of practice, and to create a large network by weaving and spinning “welfare as culture” with culture as the warp and welfare as the weft.


Convention (held once a year)
 This is a summary of the year’s activities. In addition to commemorative lectures, research presentations, and discussions by subcommittees, there will be opportunities to present a variety of cultural activities. It is also a place for exchange of activities and research among members, and heated discussions are held while enjoying the unique culture of the region.

On-site Seminars
 This is one of the important events of the Society, which has always valued the attitude of “learning from the field. We visit facilities and regions that are engaged in unique welfare culture activities and discuss welfare culture while experiencing the atmosphere of the field. Sometimes we stay overnight and interact with each other throughout the night.

International Exchange
 This is an opportunity for international exchange to learn about welfare culture practices in other countries and to introduce the current state of welfare culture in Japan.

Committee Activities
 Members who share the same interests gather to freely discuss welfare culture. Themes include culture in nursing care, welfare recreation, what welfare culture is, outdoor activities for the elderly, welfare culture education, and more.

Block Activities
 Each block conducts various activities with welfare culture as the keyword. When a conference is held in a local area, it also functions as an administrative secretariat.

 Symposiums are held on timely topics of welfare culture. When various organizations hold events such as symposiums, we sometimes support their activities.

Publication of research journals, conference newsletters, and books
The research journal “Journal of Welfare Culture Studies” (published once a year)
 The journal publishes methodologies and practical activities developed through academic research and practical activities related to welfare culture.
The Journal of Welfare Culture (published once a year)
 This is a collection of practice reports that includes reports, essays, records, introductions of works and practices related to the practice of welfare culture.
The “Welfare Culture News” (three times a year)
 The “Welfare Culture News” (published three times a year) carries hot information on welfare culture in Japan and other countries, including “Interviews with Welfare Culture People,” “Welfare Culture from Local Communities,” “Project Reports,” “Reading Guide,” “Information (Event Information),” and more.

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